Just thought I'd offer to see if any midwifery students needed a mum to be to follow for pregnancy (and even birth if you wanted) in the Brisbane area.

I have a 18 month old son and my next is due in August. I have worked in health for a number of years (now a teacher), so I understand how important it is to get real life practical experience! I'm happy for you to accompany me to any antenatal appointments, scans and even to the birth if you'd like to do that. It would be a learning/practice experience for you, rather than a support role for me, as I have done it before and will have my husband as a support person.

Just thought I'd offer in case someone was looking - I know it can sometimes be difficult to find mums to follow!

If you are interested, please PM me. I have my 20 wk scan tomorrow and my first birth centre appointment next week.