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    Default Am I a little bit twisted?

    I have a tendency to become wildly bored late at night... so I trawl threads looking for interesting things to read.

    Ok ok, I lie! What I'm actually looking for is heated debate, controversial issues, people spouting off their opinion and POVs and getting entirely off topic in some cases (c'mon, who doesn't love a good tangent?)
    I love reading great arguments where it teeters on offensive (eg - not being totally PC). I love reading peoples opinions and world views, whether they be main ******, alternative, or just plain nutty... it fascinates me! Gay marriage, abortion, adoption, religion, errr even politics - if I can stay awake for it. Bring it on, and lets make it juicy please!

    I'm not talking about a plain old sh!t slinging contest. Arguments with substance is what I'm looking for. Intelligent, insightful and passionate debates.....

    However, I get the feeling that people shy away from controversial issues. This saddens me as it makes for sparse reading material.

    Surely I cannot be the only closet drama queen out there??? *knocks on screen* Hello?

    I haven't really posed a question so far. So here's one for my magic 8 ball:

    Do you think lively debates should be encouraged on public forums, and people need to (for lack of a better phrase) 'harden up' (or smarten up) to opposing opinions?


    Should I be shot for secretly loving the drama?

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    I don't think people need to harden up if someone is being purposely offensive. I think everyone secretly loves drama

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    Does that dash below Nuts name means she banned or something??

    Anyways, I love a good debate and think there should be more of them! I dont hold grudges, and you will find that I can be arguing with you in one thread, and offering advice and being helpful and friendly to you in a different thread...
    I just like a good ol' debate. There have been quite a few good ones lately and I think we are getting spoilt.

    Honestly, and I may get shot down for this, but I'd be really bored if this place was all happy happy smiley smiley all the time and everyone agreed with everything everyone said. Where's the fun in that?!

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