Are you under 25 years of age and have you successfully breastfed your infant for 6 months or longer? I am a Griffith University research student recruiting participants for this research. The goal of this project is to investigate the lived experience of successul young breastfeeders and identify the coping mechanisms and strategies utilised to achieve their breastfeeding goal. Participation involves completing a questionnaire and undertaking a interview of 1-2 hours. (This interview may be person to person, over the phone or via Skype).

As this is a semester based project, participants will be required during the next 6 weeks. Please contact Catherine Jardine-Vidgen on Mon,Wed,Thurs, Frid through Endeavour College of Natural Health ph 07 5503 0977, Tues or Weekends on 07 5539 1081 or via email

Kind Regards
Catherine J-V