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    Default Sleep issue

    Hi All,

    My daughter has just turned 1. She has always been a terrible sleeper. She would wake between 6-9 times per night. I resorted to letting her sleep with us if she woke more than 3 times in a night, so she ends up in with us every night usually after 2am. I am so damn tired. She is also an early riser, starting her day a 5.30am. She goes to bed at 7.30 (I have tried an earlier bed time and it did not help). She has 2 naps each day, 30min in the morning and 1.5hours in the afternoon. She puts herself to sleep in her cot and I sit in her room until she is alseep. I make no eye contact and do not talk to her during this process. About 1 month ago she slept through the night for 4 consecutive nights. It was bliss. I know she can do it. We always wanted our children close together in age but I am too scared to fall pregnant again because I don't think I could cope with pregnancy and spending half the night away. Has anyone else had a baby that sleeps this terribly? When did it end?


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    Hugs. But sorry, no advice cos im in the same boat so subscribing. Would love babies close together but 9 month old DS follows nearly exactly the same pattern as your girl but comes in with us at 12ish.....

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    I have a terrible nearly 1yo sleeper. Though for the past week he has been only waking up once and going back to his cot till 5am instead of my bed! I think it's because the nights are such a nice temp lately, not hot but not freezing yet either. He will probably regress...again! But I'm enjoying it while I can

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