Expecting your first child? Participate in the study Parenthood & Relationship!

The Psychology department of Utrecht University is conducting research on the changes that take place in the romantic relationship between partners after a couple’s first child is born.
Within this research we are also conducting a study looking specifically at lesbian couples. There is little known about how parenthood affects the relationships of lesbian couples.

Why studying the relation of newborn parents? The parent’s relationship is important because it is one of the strongest influences on the development of the child. Parents with a happier relationship have a better bond with their children and experience fewer problems in raising their children.

Are you living together as a lesbian couple and expecting your first child? Participate in the study!

What does participating mean?
It’s very simple. You will be asked to complete an online questionnaire which takes about 20 minutes. In total you will be asked to fill in 4 questionnaires, one approximately every 5 months. At the end of the study your name will be put in a lottery, with prizes varying between 70$ and 300$.

You can read more about the research and sign up at http://www.uu.nl/sbs/parenthoodandrelationship

Feel free to contact the main researcher if you have any questions or comments:

MSc. Hagar ter Kuile
Email: H.terKuile@uu.nl
Phone: 0031 (0)30 253 9189