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    I dont think anyone said it is not clean?! It would be nice if there were affordable alternatives. If i have a sore night or sth we get sushi eg. But if I want a salad from the salad bar in the shoppin centre they charge $6 for a medium size!! Then the kids. All the ff restaurants get the families because of their kids friendly menus, in term of prices and range, andnthe playground. How nice would it be if there would be the odd healthy food place with a playground and birthday parties. Just dreaming here lol.

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    We do our grocery shopping after breakfast when the first open and get home before lunch, I pack healthy snacks with me in case the little ones get hungry, for a treat I make pancakes or chicken nuggets myself on the weekend. Chicken nuggets are really easy to make.

    I don't believe for one second that you need phosphates in chicken marinades, phosphates impair the bodies ability to absorb calcium. This concerns me. There's an increase in the deficiency disease rickets (vitamin d and calcium deficiency) yet kids are drinking so much milk!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elleandsam View Post
    I'm studying nutrition at the moment. Blending up meat the way they do actually breaks up the proteins, freezing them destroys the cell membrane, this lowers the nutrient value.The lettuce, tomato, etc all would have residual pesticides on them.The buns are made from refined flour so would have a lower thiamin content and lower fibre. They'd have preservatives and improvers in them. If they've got vegetable oil listed as an ingredient it could very well be soy, which is high in natural estrogens, the consumption of too much soy is a factor in infertility and precocious puberty in girl's. White flour are single strand simple carbohydrates which are processed by the body the same way sugar is. So white bread raises blood sugar the same way a soft drink does.Their sauces are high in sugar and preservatives.The chips are deep fried and then coated in salt! Sodium is directly linked to cardio vascular disease!No one with any knowledge of nutrition would ever recommend anyone eat fast food ever.
    So basically what you're saying is, that unless you eat fresh organic food straight from the farmer you're F'ed!

    Oh well, looks like we're all going to die! LOL

    I think we all know that maccas doesn't go organic and yeh it does freeze the meat....I do too! But it's not as bad as once thought, no different from buying a meat patty from the butcher, a bread roll from woolies, some tomato and lettuce and mayo and ketchup from coles and making your own big mac! And that was pretty much the point of the doco.

    (PS, I put white floar, sugar and bread improver in the bread I make at home *shrugs*)
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