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    Default Quiet activities for a 5yo - he needs to calm down!

    My 5yo ds is SO tired from a busy first term of Kinder and a few days into the holidays he's had a big meltdown. He was hysterical tonight he was so tired.

    So, I think 2 (or maybe more) days at home doing very little are in order. The problem is that he's wanted to play with all his toys in the last few days and has pulled the place apart as a result. He won't sit still to do any task for more than 20 minutes and I'm somewhat at a loss.

    Am I right in assuming this is normal? He's in full time kinder (8:45 - 3pm) and he's just finished his first term of these hours so I daresay this will be the hardest holidays to manage.

    So, what do you do with your 5yo to help them calm down and relax in the school holidays?

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    Oh god - I have that with a 2 year old - wants to rip everything out but play with nothing. We have awful time trying to get him to 'switch off' until we put in some hard and fast rules.

    At about 5pm - we start the 'quiet time' process. Being - no telly, no radio, we do a quick pack away - again - he will pack away at daycare, at gymbaroo, at other people's houses - but not at home - but we persist. Then it's bath time, by then dinner is ready, after dinner we have story time.

    Might sound silly but I have even had to make a conscious effort to lower my voice and do things a little slower. I know it's the end of the day but I really noticed a difference between the time when I was frantically trying to pack away every toy while trying to get other jobs done to just speaking quietly - singing songs - talking about his day and what the following day had planned - I am a big believer in the child responding to YOUR body language, tone and stress levels.

    As far as activities are concerned - 9 times out of 10 - if I start a quiet activity and appear 'involved' - like stickers - my son ADORES stickers and anything crafty to get his hands into - he will come and join me. I let him go nuts with the stickers.

    Does he have a favourite toy? again - my son has two bears - they go everywhere with him - when we have had dinner - it's quite a performance of gathering his teds and then tucking them into bed and then he gets to 'read' them a story when he jumps in with them. I don't have an issue if he stays up for 15 minutes or an hour - he's in bed - it's like me reading a book in bed if I can't get to sleep.

    As for out and about stuff like shopping or going to the park - I try and get that done in the morning or early afternoon - coz then it doesn't interfere too much with my bedtime routine.

    I know I have used the term 'routine' a lot but it's just a guideline - it helps my son and us to have a bit of consistency and somethings it goes array - but ultimately - he knows that bathtime, food and bedtime are all about to come his way.

    Hope this has helped.


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