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    I was sick 24/7 from 7 weeks to 18 weeks and hubby did everything around the house and made me food and I was so grateful :-)
    Cranky too, but it does pass, don't worry.
    All the girls suggestions are exactly what my DH did for me. You sound like a great support person and hubby :-)

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    How about you come up with a list of names that you like, things with really beautiful meanings...

    And you can get a couple of books to read, 'The Baby Book" by Dr. Bill and Martha Sears is great.

    Thinking about colours and nursery items is a great way to pass time.

    Also things letting her know that even though she feels like cr@p right now, you still think she's amazing and beautiful.

    I think there can be a trap of falling into being sooooo focused on the pregancy that she begins to feel like an incubator rather than a gorgeous woman you love, adore and desire... and that the baby is just a realisation of that love, adoration and desire... So yes, focus on the baby and showing and interest and being excited.. but also make sure that you do things that make her feel adult and FUN. Fun outings like rollerskating, or bowling, playing a board game together, packing a picnic (though that could be tricky if she had lots of nausea).

    I've had children and while I've loved it that my husband was excited about our babies there were times when I felt like all I was, was an incubator and all I wanted from him was to say "God you're gorgeous. I love you so much." and to have FUN with me, fun where we laughed and laughed and laughed, and it was just 'us' not us and baby.

    Give her space, let her know you love her and want to spend time with her, but that you know know she feels lousy and needs her own space.

    You'll get there, it's a journey. Just don't pressure for sex. She wants you and does desire you, and she's not saying "Not Ever" she's just saying "not right now"... respect that, and when she's ready, you'll be the first to know! Above all... stay hers exclusively, both in the virtual world, and in real. That's what she needs. To know that you think she'll be an amazing mother, but that she is still the incredible woman you want to be with and you're looking forward to raising this child together.

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    You would d like a great guy and it's sweet that you even thought to post here.
    Do what you're doing, she will appreciate it all after! I promise.

    Great job!


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