Hi All

2.5 yr old DS is in a maxirider AHR. He is still using it as a car seat with the built in harness - haven't switched to booster mode yet.

I have him in the middle seat as this is the safest seat, but it only has a lap belt, not a lap-sash belt. The makers of maxirider say it is fine to use it with a lap belt while in car seat mode (I know I can't use it when he switches to booster mode).

So my question is - when used as a normal forward facing carseat with a built in harness... is a lap-sash belt safer than a lap belt? Does it "secure" the seat better than a lap belt? I'm thinking it might because there's 3 points holding the belt in place rather than 2? But I can't see how the carseat could be any tighter as I've pulled that belt blardy tight!

So basically I'm saying, are there any benefits to using a lap-sash belt over a lap belt for a carseat (not a booster) and do these outweigh the benefits of having him in the middle seat?