Hello All,

Just wondering if someone could give a bit of advise....... I just got a job offer to work away from home in a city about 8hrs away from my family and children.Problem I have is that its not in the mines but the money is reasonable.

Here is my situation. We are not happy at the moment and my partner said to take this job or we are done. We also have a 4yr old.

My partner says to take the job and my the 2 of them will move up when my partners part time contract expires at the end of the year. My partner will try visit once a month and I will be able to come back maybe once a month depending on the costs of flights.

Anyway, I have told my partner on a number of occasions that I love them, but they have stopped saying it back for some time ( maybe a month or 2 ago) and my partner has told me that they are not happy with or relationship. We have been married for 11 years.

Would this be a good idea to move away under the circumstances? I feel that with the long term separation that I could find myself getting used to being single. And after a while would probably want to find someone who loves me back.