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    Default How long is too long, rental repairs

    A month ago I had a rent inspection and I showed the RE agent 2 issues that needed attention, she told me she would put through work orders for them, on Friday I called to find out what the go was and I was told she was on holidays and I spoketo her replacement who couldn't tell me anything as the computers were down. This isn't the first time things have taken the long to get repaired, it took them a few weeks to fix my oven and when it broke 2 days later it took another 2 weeks. The RE never returns my calls or when she says she will get back to me she never does. When my air conditioning broke I ended up calling the company myself as it was still in warranty (the house is new, under a year old) now I am hesitant to chase up these current issues directly with the builders as I know the 1 yr thing is nearly or has expired. Anyway this isn't unusual for this RE and we are really sick of having to chase them up constantly, my partner ended up going down to the RE to sort out the oven as she would never call us back even if I left messages.

    So how long is too long and when do you do something about it?

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    I use to be a property manager in a previous life. My suggestion for all dealings with all property managers is to put it in writing so you have proof & a record of when you raised the issue/s. Never ever rely that they will remember your phone call. From memory if it is an essential service they have a specific time to fix things ie your oven should have been fixed in 2 days. If it continues you then can go to the tenancy board to get it fixed. I once had my water turned off cause the landlord didn't pay the water account. It took them 6 days to sort it out.....not happy Jan!

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    One word that will save you alot of stress down the track.....EMAIL!

    Email every single little thing to them. Dont call. Dont do verbal agreements. Email. This is written proof that you have tried contacting them regarding the issue. Keep any and all emails you send and any and all replies they might send back.

    Ive been screwed over by real estates too many times to count and the most important lesson Ive learnt is to do every single little thing via email, no matter how small an issue it may seem. I know that doesnt answer your question about how long is too long, but it will help you down the track as proof that you have been trying to get it sorted for a while.

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    As pp said emergency repairs should be done ASAP other repairs should be organized as soon as possible ( allowing for tradespeople etc) as London said, just keep harassing the agent, call and email until you get an answer, cc all emails to the licensee , if it were me I would give them a week then send a letter stating if you do not get an answer in 7 days you will have no choice to go to the tenancy tribunal - if you could find out the owners address would be even better , send them copies of the letters too, sometimes they have no idea the agent is so slack !

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    It took them 2+ months to fix our dishwasher. I wasn't impressed.

    I agree, keep emailing etc. If you call, send an email referencing the phone call.


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