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    Default Toddler playing computer games big fat parenting fail?

    My just turning 2 year old has just learnt how to play on the laptop. She can move the curser and press on the buttons she wants and loves doing it. Now we thought this was very clever and showed really great motor skills as its hard sometimes to get that bloody curser on the things you want, i know enough computer illiterate older adults that struggle! So when i was on the phone to MIL and told her as just a bit on info about the day, she said she was appalled that i let her play computer games at 3 (turning on Tuesday). I had not really thought of it that way. My MIL took it that i must leave her alone all the time and not interact with her. The truth is somewhat different. With this pregnancy i was on bedrest for 3 months. In that time i had to try and do all manner of things to keep her occupied and i came across some kids sites where i would print off pictures for her to colour. Some of these had games and it was handy to sit with her and do them as i couldnt get up and about at all at some times. Til this day at 32 weeks i still get alot of pain at the end of the day and so at this time we have quiet time, which can be drawing or stories etc. Yesterday we were doing the kiddies games again on the laptop and she said she wanted to do it and pushed my hand away. Well since then she has been engrossed and does them all herself. Once i have this baby i will be more active and with the summer coming i am hoping to distract her away from the games, as i dont think its right for kids to be playing games all day like a zombie. (by the way the games are effectively learning games with alphabets, colours,spelling,numbers, repetition and creativity, not shooting games or anything of that sort!!) If someone came to you and said that their child could do this what would be your reaction? That the child was clever, that the parent was lazy or both. Has this been a bad thing in hindsight and encouraging her to be lazy. Whats your thoughts on young kids and computer games?
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    As long as there is a balance then not really an issue. Especially if they are learning activities - it'll help her hand-eye co-ordination too. And computer skills are necessary today.
    Since you're supervising her & she doesn't do it all the time no problem IMO. I think it is clever of your DD to figure out how to use a laptop!!! You're not being a bad parent!!

    DF & I both have computers & I have a laptop too, so DD is doubtless going to be completely PC literate before she gets to school. Shes already fascinated by my smartphone... As long as we make sure she gets plenty of time doing other activites, outdoor play etc then not worried.

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    I don't see an issue with it as long as it's in moderation. I'm studying early childhood and there is an increasing amount of research regarding the benefits of children learning with technology.
    Google 21st century children or learning in the 21st century and you'll be amazed at some of the ideas that you'll see.
    Makes you see things from another perspective entirely :-)


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