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    I feel for u I also suffered from anxiety n it is soooo hard for the outside world to understand how anxiety makes you feel... Ppl kept telling me don't think about it but it consumed my life! I had a fear of vomiting in public which to most sounds soo ridiculous I know where you are coming from but all I can say is if I can overcome it soo can you :-)

    I was also like you and did not want to take antidepressant I still suffer ocasionally but nothing as bad as I did n now I am we're I am now I can now talk about it, I was hiding it from everyone as I was embarrassed. For me every time I felt the beginning of an attack I would take rescue (spray under the tongue u get it over the counter at chemist) n it calms u and in my case I eventually over came most my anxiety

    I know u must feel like u will be like this forever n nothing will help but I promise it will get better and if u ever want to talk feel free to pm me.

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    Hi there ... I'm not sure about the meds you have but I was on anti depressants for anxiety about 3 years ago for 6 months. Best thing I ever did. I had irrational fears of something happening to my son and I was terrified of him around water (this all came on after watching a disturbing Oprah episode on tv).

    I stopped eating and just felt sick in the stomach with anxiety. I slowly weaned of them (wasn't on a high dosage).

    I knew what I was thinking wasn't plausible and was over the top but I couldn't turn it off. The meds helped with that. I had great support around me too.

    Now I've gone through another pregnancy and the break down of my marriage and I've never once gone back to that mental state. I believe exercise and self talk really helped me.

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    Hi, I also suffer from extreme panic/anxiety attacks. I'm currently not on anything as I am pregnant. I have been seeing a psychiatrist regularly to help me through some of my problems (whole other story)

    Anyway, Have you thought about or has your psychiatrist recommended doing CBT (cognetial behavior therapy)? It may be something for you to look into, here is a link with some information - http://congenitalsurgerycenter.com/y...etail v2 (good)

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    Hi there. I suffered similarly to you but could not take an anti-depressant as I was pregnant at the time.

    I was given Lorazepam and Quetiapine instead.

    The first is a shorter acting calmative that works quickly and keeps you level for about two hours. When I felt an attack coming on, I'd pop one (1mg) and then focus on my breathing. For those chasing sleep, stronger calmatives such as Temazepam are prescribed but i didn't want to go down that route. The Quetapine was to prevent rumination of thoughts so as to prevent me from getting irrational. The two worked well together.

    At first I was on 100mg but I'm now down to 25mg Q a night and 1/2 mg Lorazepam - a very low dose but both assist with maintaining calm and sleep.

    I don't like taking drugs and was stressing about this but for now it's a stopgap. It's helping me through the early weeks of my baby's life and allowing me to cope with this anxiety that has just hit me. I have yet to see a psychologist but will probably do so in the near future.

    But in answer to your question, yes, sometimes in certain situations drugs DO help and enable you to overcome whatever is ailing you.


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