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    I agree with PP's who cares what they think, it's better to be safe then sorry. When I was PG with number 2 I made numbers phone calls and trips to the hospital, sure they looked at me like I was a crazy hormonal pregnant lady that was wasting their time, but the reality is, I wasn't taking any chances with my baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jascar View Post
    I went in at 37 weeks because baby had stopped moving, they monitored me and bubs and said everything was fine and sent me on my way. They didnt make me feel silly but I felt silly for worrying and wasting their time.
    A week later baby hadn't moved all day and I told me DH but I said I didnt want to go in because it was probably fine like last time and I didnt want to look like a worrying weirdo. My husband made me go and within half an hour of arriving my baby was born via emergency c-section (she had undiagnosed IUGR and was in fetal distress.) Had I not gone in she probably would have been stillborn. So please ignore people making you feel silly, as long as you get a healthy bubs thats all that matters.
    My ObG told me there is a myth that the baby stops moving just before labour. He said this is not true, if your baby stops moving it means it is it is not getting enough oxygen! He advised me to go to the hospital immediately if that happens. He said that ten "good" moves a day were sufficient (wiggle, roll, kick etc) and any less than that could be a concern.

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    Don't let them bully you. Some are probably tired, and maybe some midwives are just old b****es! When I had my first I was fairly young (19), I was always afraid to go in with any problems because they did treat me like I was just young and stupid (not all of them, but some). One day my entire left side went numb, couldn't move my arm at all, but I still did not want to go in. My mother forced me to, thankfully, because I had severe pre-eclampsia and was also in labour... just didn't realise it. My midwife did not believe the labour part when I said I was having stomach pains either, gave me a panadol and told me to go to sleep, but again my mum demanded that she check. She did, with an eyeroll, and I was 5cms. That soon shut her up! The best part was she then went off shift, and a couple of hours later when I gave birth it was with a really lovely midwife, not the old cow woman from before!
    Point is, no matter how they make you feel, you know your body best. If you have to call or go in 6 times a day to make sure your baby is okay, do it. You won't even care how they made you feel when you hold your baby and s/he is healthy.


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