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    Default 2nd Trimester Exhaustion

    I am currently at 23 weeks and having both terrible night-time insomnia (falling asleep fine but waking from about 11.30pm) and terrible day-time exhuastion.

    I have assessed all of my normal sleeplessness 'triggers' - stress, anxiety, money issues, keeping secrets from my partner, heat - however none have really cropped up as 'issues' at this point in time.

    I am generally uncomfortable in bed, and while my tummy is big for 23 weeks, it is not really big enough to be claiming as a sleep hindrance. My skin feels creepy-crawly though, and I just cannot settle once I wake up.

    Unfortunately, I also cannot sleep during the day when I lie down for a rest. I am so tired at work that I can barely function, and I feel like I could fall asleep in a loo-break, but once I take some time off or an extended lunchbreak with the intention of catching up on some sleep, I cannot for the life of me actually fall asleep.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a normal pregnancy symptom?

    How on earth am I going to get to 34 weeks at work if this is how I feel day in and day out!!??

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    Oh I feel for you !
    I feel the exact same I'm expecting twins and am only 15 weeks. Sooo tired and just want to lay in bed . But my DD isn't allowing it!
    Sorry no advice just hugs !! X

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    I am suffering too although not as bad as you, I can nap during the day but only for 1/2 hour and still wake up exhausted also if I wait too long to have the nap I can't for the life of me fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I'm also waking in the night some nights and can't get back to sleep and find that every afternoon and night I am so exhausted it is a chore to put dinner on the table. Maybe it's hormone related, my skin doesn't feel crawly but my nose tingles a lot now, I think it's from the excess blood which occurs in pregnancy but I'm not sure. Hope you are able to catch up on your sleep soon.


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