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    Default sleepy baby

    my bub is a week old and sleeps all the time during the day anyway I have to wake her every 3 to 4 hours to give her a bottle but she usually falls sleep after the bottle and that's it. but then we get no sleep at night cause she is awake all night

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    Sounds like she might have days n nights mixed up... most newborns do. DS was like this for about a month it was tiring and crazy but it does pass. What helped us was a bath, cuddles, bottle bedtime routine, making sure that his naps during the day were with the curtains open n some noise in the back ground ( not a lot ofcourse, we want them to be able to sleep a bit!) Make sure night time has very minimal lighting, very quiet. Basically make sure there is big differences between day naps and night sleep. I hope this helps! I know how hard it is but bubba will eventually learn day from night. Just think back to when they were in the womb, it was pretty much always dark!

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    Agree with Purple Lily - sounds like bub still has night & day mixed up. From memory it too DD a month about to get it sorted. We kept her in a light room (window blinds open etc) for her day naps. I put her in a rocker in the lounge most days, so there was noise as well. I also popped her on her tummy after each day feed for a few mins for gentle play. Maybe wake her for feeds more during the day?
    When she woke at night kept things quiet & semi dark. I had a light on outside her room & a small nightlight so I could see to feed her. Straight back into bed unless she needed a nappy change at night.
    Don't worry - bub will figure out day & night It can be rough until they do but it does happen!! Just make sure you take a nap during the day if you need it.


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