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Everybody is different.. Right? We say that we respect each others opinions and choices.. But the feeling I'm getting lately is that we don't.

We're called ignorant or uneducated if we don't agree.. by people who perceive they know better. Where is the line?

What entitles someone to have an opinion and express it whilst somebody else isn't allowed the same privilege??

Not a nasty question, genuinely interested.
I think that everyone is entitled to express an opinion as long as they can put a "because" at the end. I agree that facts should be based on current research but there is so much contradictory research (try looking at whether the Pill is linked to Breast cancer for example!) that this isn't always an accurate guide. I think that opinions should be phrased as "I" messages instead of "you" messages, too.

We all have the right to make choices but there is no doubt that some choices are wrong (murder?). I believe that we have a responsibility to question / challenge choices that others make which will have a negative impact on those around them.

The difficulty is that it's all about perspective, really. What I may consider to be a poor choice which negatively impacts on someone may be seen as a positive choice by others. For example, to choose a less controversial topic than the moral ones that have been discussed in recent days, the work choices legislation benefitted some but not others.

I think that constructive and respectful debate is a vital part of our society. Where respect ends would be when personal insults are used, or when people are told that they are not entitled to an opinion or that everyone should hold the same one.