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    Default To those with toddlers under 3 and newborns / infants

    Do you send your toddler to daycare (part time) or are they home full time with you?
    I have DS (2.5 yrs old) in day care 2x days per week and am considering taking him out for various reasons and sending him again once he turns 3ish for kinder.

    I am worried about how I will cope with him home full time . With the money I save I might get a cleaner once a fortnight.

    So if your toddler is at home full time with you (no day care) what do you do to socialise him? Do you cope ok in general??!!

    There is a playgroup near my house so I might start taking him there.

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    My 17 month old DS is at home with me , sometimes I go into the office for a few hours on Saturday then he stays with my mum
    I love being a SAHM , never get bored and am really enjoying the time I get to spend with him! I have no plans for day care, probably pre school at 4
    I always plan to get him out of the house by about 10am and usually stay out for lunch and come home by 1 ish as that's when he gets tired !
    Monday's we go down to the park and play and feed the ducks then go into the office to meet DH for lunch
    Tuesday's we have gymbaroo
    Wednesday we go shopping with SIL and her baby
    Thursday we meet my girlfriend and her 2 year old in the park
    Friday we do grocery shopping with my mum
    He sleeps usually from 1-3 then we walk up to school to pick up my niece, home by 4 where he watches play school and plays around the house, DH is home by 6.30
    We will start a few more activities in the next few months ( little kickers and kindermusik ) but for now he seems very happy !
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    Dd1 was in daycare 2-3 days a week from 8 months, then at 12 months started going 5 days. When DD2 was born, DD2 was in daycare for 1-2 days a week from 6 weeks. Now DD2 is home with me full time as we changed centers and can't afford to have them both in care. Next year DD1 will be in prep and DD2 will start going to daycare 2 days a week.

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    I have DD1 at daycare 1 day a week mainly just as a fun thing for her. It gives DD2 a day to sleep as much as she wants & have the whole play area to roll in. It gives me a day to run errands, vacuum & catch up on my sewing etc. I try to do our weekly activities & outings in the morning as DD1 still naps for nearly 2hrs in the afternoon.At the moment Monday is a park day or visit from her doting aunty, Tuesday is daycare, Wednesday is storytime @ the library, Thursday is park or grandmas & Friday is playgroup. Soon DD2 will start a kindergym activity on a Tuesday. Once DD2 is old enough (about 18 months for us depending on vocab skills) she'll head to daycare with DD1. I think bub 3 might get started about then & it starts over. For days at home I have ready to go things to occupy us eg gingerbread dough in the freezer, craft activity, song & dance session, puddle jumping & cooking. I've found a double pram & an ergo baby carrier have really helped us get out & about.

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    I have both DS, 2 years and the other is 5 months, at home with me all the time. We spend one on one time when they alternate sleeps. We do music on a monday, playgroup on a Thursday and swimming Sundays as a family.
    We used to do an activity everyday but I was getting behind in the housework and could no longer afford it with two kids. Plus i read somewhere that kids need more time for free play as opposed to structured play to develop their imaginations further..
    We have all our "activities" in plastic boxes stored in the cupboard so it's easy to just go grab, say the flash cards or whatever they choose to do, and do something together.
    DS who is 2 is very well socialized and gets on very well with other kids so I don't feel a need to send him to daycare yet. He plays very well on his own as I think he gets enough one on one time throughout the day so doesn't (usually( demand constant attention IYKWIM. That's what works for us

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    im a SAHM with my 14mth old DD

    Mondays we have lunch together before we do the grocery shop
    Tuesdays we go swimming - not lessons.
    Wednesdays we go to our local library toddler time session
    Thursdays is mother's group
    Fridays we make the effort to have a day at home (pj day heehe) and i attempt to clean the house and catch up with washing while DD naps.
    Weekends DH is around so we go out and about or go see family, do day trips, weekend trips.
    I cant imagine working, i love my days at home with my baby girl. It's easy to keep busy but it's also easy to stay home and get bored!
    U just have to get out and make the effort to get involved, for your child's sake and YOUR sanity!


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