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    Default MCNs and water restrictions

    So, I am from a farming background where water usage has always been a huge concern. I am a part time cloth nappy user and my family is horrified that I would waste the extra water on washing nappies when I could just use sposies full time.

    Now, I have pointed out to them that the production of disposables uses water as well, but I still get lectured about how water supplies are a more immediate issue in WA so this should be our primary concern, not landfill etc.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of research or stats done in this area? It would be nice to have something more concrete to argue my case. Has any solid research even been done into the overall environmental impact of cloth vs disposables?

    Does any one else worry about water usage when using cloth?

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    I notice this is an old thread but I have only just seen it. My house is supplied entirely by tank water so we need to be water wise. I have no issues with water washing mcn's every 2nd day in a front loader HTH.


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