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    Default falling asleep at the breast update!!

    ok so I had my baby 6 days ago via c section I still don't have milk yet so I understand she will want to feed alot but this is how my night went:
    6:30-640 fell asleep
    7:00-7:15 fell asleep
    7:30-745 fell asleep
    8:30-8:40 fell asleep
    them we got a little break only one for the night so my only sleep
    10:20-10:50 with me constantly waking her to re attach
    then I spent time trying to settle her to sleep without success
    so back on my boob
    11:45-12:35 again CONSTANTLY waking her to re attach and suck
    well you can see how this story goes . . . till 3:30am completely drained I gave her a small formula top up and bam quiet baby calm baby for 10mins the back to screaming and searching for more boob

    does this sound normal??

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    my bub at that age fed every 30-45min from 2days to 6 days when i was discharged. Then fed hourly till 11days old.

    Please remember the more they feed the more hormones get motivated to produce the milk. Can I suggest that you sit on a comfy chair or recline on the bed with pillow to hold you up a bit. place the bub on your chest smack bang in he middle of your boobs and leave her there. let her find her way to your breast. if not maybe just assist her a bit. and leave her there. if you are worried about falling asleep get your partner to watch you.

    DD lived on my chest for the first 3 days. and I do mean lived. she only left for 20min per day when i showered/peed etc.

    your bub has to learn how to feed too. also if you can give the formula top ups via a syringe it wont stuff her attachment or create nipple confusion.


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