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    Default Weaning tips for a booby monster!

    Dd absolutely loves 'bubbies' as she calls it however I have come to the end of my tether with breastfeeding and after almost 18 months I think I've given it a pretty good go! My 'bubbies' are a shadow of their former selves with teethmarks, stretch marks and saggy and baggy so I'm ready to re-claim them!
    I have a few questions before I start the dreaded weaning process. I have heard about the meds you can take to dry up your milk. Has anyone done this? Good/bad idea??
    How long has it taken others with lo's of a similar age to wean?
    Any advice is appreciated! I'm really dreading it!!!

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    It might be easier for your DD if you wean her slowly. Can you use distraction as a mechanism? I dropped to only nap and bedtime feeds when my DD was 14 mths old as I was pregnant and it was getting too painful to feed too often. I wore high necklines, loads of perfume to disguise the milky smell and used distraction. It took about a week for her to stop asking.


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