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    Default if you remember something about your childhood

    but not sure it's real or not what would you do? and if the only person you cn ask is a sibling but you're afraid they'll look at you stupidly cos it may not have ever happened what would you do? and you don't honestly know if that's what is affecting your mood and the way you raise your children what would you do?
    can your childhood really affect the way you raise your own kids even if what you think may have happened may not have?

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    Maybe the only way you can deal with it now and start healing would be confronting it? By acknowledging that it occured has to be the beginning..
    Sounds like something is playing on your mind and affecting your present life.
    Do you risk your sibling looking at you stupidly to get to the truth? I would.
    The outcome can only bring you peace of mind, even if your fears are confirmed by your sibling; once you know, work with that information.
    Hope this makes sense..

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    just my personal opininion, so please dont judge, supressed memories is very common, almost every person has at least 1. its not something to be ashamed of or embarrased about, but it is entirely upto you if u want to ask your sibling about it, obviously i dont know what it is but im going to bet if it is something affecting you deeply then i think it would be true.
    if it is something that is uncomfortable for you to talk about, i highly recommend a councellor, if you go to your local health clinic they can usual set you up with someone and the majority of teh time they are free.

    Also i definately think our childhoods affect the way we raise our own children. weather we know it or not! i didnt have the easiest of childhoods, and it definately affects how i treat my son, because i dont want him to have the same life. i try to give him everything i never had.
    As for the other side of things i had a girlfriend who also had a hard childhood and she done the opposite, she treated her children badly because thats subconciously how she thought children should be raised. if you ever would like a chat just give me a buzz, happy to talk anytime
    hope i helped a little, good luck xx


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