Hello mumas,

Are you looking for extra nurturing and non-judgemental support for this pregnancy? Would you like extra continuous, loving support during your birth? Would you like some extra support after the birth, emotionally and practically?

I am a trainee Doula in Brisbane and I’m offering my services at low cost during this time. My background has been working with women in community organisations as a social worker/support worker/counsellor.

What I'm offering:
❤ At least 2 meetings during pregnancy, as well as phone support as needed
❤ Being on call 2 weeks before your due date and until your bub is born
❤ Being present for the duration of your birth, for as long as needed
❤ 2 postpartum visits to provide support and debriefing

How I practice:

My birth philosophy is centered on providing support to women to give birth in their own power. I work from a belief that each person is the expert in his or her own life, and I work with parents to access their own wisdom. I support parents to ask their own deeper questions about what they need to prepare for this birth and their roles as parents. I assist parents to make their own informed choices.

I am studying with the Australian Doula College (ADC) and receive support and debriefing from my supervisors. If you would like to read more about the Code of Ethics I practice under please see: http://www.australiandoulacollege.co...and_ethics.htm

As a trainee doula I am not charging for my services, however a fee of $320 + GST is charged by the ADC for my services.

I’m happy to answer questions you may have as well.

Love & many blessings on your birth journey!