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    Bub stimulating the breast will help to bring your milk in. Were you able to read the blog?

    One of the suggestions from the blog is to do breast compressions to keep baby interested in the breast.
    The trick is to do the compression, which is as easy as taking a handful of breast tissue and squeezing, or even just massaging downward on the full, cleavage part of the breast with the flat of your hand, when the baby stops sucking and starts nodding off. Once they start sucking again, stop the
    compressions. You may only get another four sucks before you have to do another. Keep going until they are so zonked they don’t respond. Then it’s time to change the nappy and change sides, and start again (and again and again and again, back and forth four times is good).

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    My DD was the same. I was advised not to give formula as that would make her sleep longer and hence would damage my supply.

    I would suggest not giving her anymore formula and feeding her as often as possible. Newbies sleep ALL the time and if no one has said it yet, a baby will never let itself starve. This was the single best thing I was told When BFing DD. I was so stressed about her not getting enough milk.

    I'm also at the newborn stage again. DS is 10 days old and now wakes every 2.5-3 hourly for a feed (my milk came in at day 4). I have just got myself some fenugreek and blessed thistle tablets as I had gastro 2 days ago and my supply has suffered greatly. But after just 2 tablets it is SO much better.

    If you are concerned about your supply, please contact a lactation consultant. But like I said, unless a GP, paed or LC has told you to, I would stop the formula.

    ETA - you will still be feeding bub colostrum which is plenty for her at this young age, and you milk should come in within the next week

    Good Luck.
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