Hi All,

My gorgeous little girl is 2 months old (2wks adjusted) and recently her sleeping patterns during the day are all over the place!

She feeds every 3-4.5 hours to which she used to sleep in between feeds, but just recently she refuses to sleep unless its in my arms. She gets plenty of attention, I sing and play with her a lot, but its gotten to the point where she wont let me put her down during the day AT ALL and even when I nurse her to sleep and gently put her down without waking her she only stays asleep for 20 minutes or so, cries and wants to be picked up again, is this normal for her age?

I've tried to put her in her rocker/bouncer and swing and put her on her musical play mat in front of the tv but nothing works unless I nurse her!

She is good by about 5pm and will sleep in between feeds over night ect, its just through the day...

Please help! Is there anything I should be doing?