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    Default A once perfect sleeper hasn't slept through in 6 months....

    DD slept beautifully from 4 wks until 4.5 months. She slept 12 hours and woke only once to BF. I was able to put her in her bassinette awake, and she'd go to sleep on her own. And then we moved to the States. DD is now almost 11 months old and has not slept all night since arriving (6 months ago). She wakes every 1.5-3 hours, every single night. Lately she wakes between 8am-9am, and has her first hour long nap around 11 or 12. She then has a 2 hour nap around 4. Her "bedtime" is 9pm, but she wakes up after only 30-45 minutes ready to get up again. Because my husband doesn't get home until 9:30 at night, I usually let her get up to see him since she won't go back to sleep anyway. She's usually down for the night at 10:30 or 11. After that, she's up every 1.5-3 hours. The first two times or so I can rock her back to sleep...after that I'm just exhausted and put her in bed with us. She won't go to sleep on her own, and when she wakes up she wants to BF. She doesn't eat much solid food during the day...she has been walking since 9 months and just does not have the patience to sit in the highchair long enough to eat very much at all. I have no idea what to do. I feel she may be used to BF at night, and I'd like to wean her from that, but I worry she isn't getting enough during the day. I do not believe in CIO, and only resorted to that once...which was a horrible experience for the both of us. What else can I do? Is there something that could be medically wrong? Her room is quiet, a comfortable temp, and she has a night light. When she co-sleeps she tosses and turns constantly and no one gets any sleep. I'm hoping to return to work when she's a year old and we can't continue this nightly battle. It doesn't help that we are now in the States where we don't have access to family health centers or anything like that. (I'm from the States, but after living in Oz, I absolutely HATE it here!!!) HELP!

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    I too had a bub that slept amazingly from 5wks to 6mths ish when I started solids.

    From 6-14mths she slept terribly with 2-6 wake ups a night. My bub went through pretty bad separation anxiety and teething issues (16teeth in 8mths) which combined with the changing sleep cycles just drove me mental. My DD also wasnt a big solid eater (we did BLW) till 13/14mths and now she is a piggy in the middle.

    All I can say is find a middle ground with a routine that suits your family. Lose that late nap she is having at 9/9.30. Keep her up till she crashes a bit earlier at 10 or so. I would actually suggest you make your partner do the bath with your bub as soon as she gets home as then she knows bath=BEDTIME!

    Bathe her, booby her/pop her down. I got my DH to resettle for the first 5hrs. Then I took her to bed with us and DH went to the spare room to sleep. THat way both of you get some uninterrupted sleep. Once you get at least 4-5 hrs straight sleep you can work on dropping the other feeds.

    I only nightweaned at 14mths when I was pregnant again and my boobs were just too sore for the middle of the night feeds. I weaned by pretending not to hear her wake up for one next to me... kept doing this for a few nights. Then the next week left DH with her to sleep.


    Btw 6-18mths is the worst sleep a kid has cos their brains go through some phenenomenal changes during this time.


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