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    This is such an incredibly personal decision for both parents (or parent in many cases). Often circumstances and fertility issues result in a baby coming along later in life then one would have hoped (such as in my case).

    5 years of TTC... 3 years of IVF... one stillborn baby (not due age related issues) yet I still feel young at heart and soul to have kept going.

    My age risk ratio for DS was 1:40, my actual risk came back as 1:2,000.

    I am not fussed by what society can sometimes say, I know in my heart at 30 I did not feel ready... at 40 I do. I have achieved career goals, have studied, travelled, lived and been educated overseas... had a great ole time and now is baby time.

    And at the sametime I congratulate the 20 something year old's too who feel it is the right time to go forth and have babies too.

    Power to each woman, how she feels and the support she has, understanding risks occur at any age.


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    the risks as you age are contentious, there are recent studies that show rats still make eggs long into mature adulthood. The increased risk with down syndrome is again an area of contention & more studies are being done to determine why age is a factor - there is a theory that the ability for our bodies to pick up on faulty embryos decreases as we age rather than eggs or sperm being faulty - either way age is a risk factor but so are many other things. More babies with down syndrome are born to young mothers, but this is because most mothers are young - but it does point to the fact that age doesnt cause you to have a baby with down syndrome & it is still possible at any age. A young person could have other genetic issues or have other external factors influencing the outcome of their baby such as health, smoking status, education, mental health etc. Being older just means screening is important.

    All things being equal, there are increased risks with age however i think there are also benefits of having babies when you are older as well - so it is up to the individual to decide on what works for them. A risk of genetic errors due to age is not reason alone to have a baby when you are young - there are also risks with having a child when you are young.

    Life is about trade offs, & what you lose in the swings you gain in the roundabouts….there might be some risks on either side of the fence & it comes down to what works for you.


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