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    Aries, all the best for your procedure. Having a mc is devastating and for most of us we just want to be able to move forward with our TTC journeys It sounds like you have had some discussions with your surgeon about the pros and cons, and in the end going ahead with a D&C is a personal decision.

    For me I wish I has made this decision being better informed about the risks and had been told about medical intervention options such as misoprostol (which Frostysmum mentioned) rather than just surgical. The reason being that I am another one who has developed Asherman's after 2 D&C's which has adversely affected my fertility and I am now unable to move forward with transferring embryos while awaiting further treatment

    I have had another BH member generously share her asherman's experience with me which helped me make my decision to go ahead with a diagnostic hysteroscopy recently (and adhesions were subsequently found in my uterus which explains my poor lining, changes to my periods since the 2nd D&C). So, I also want to pay this knowledge forward to anyone who sadly finds themselves in this situation.

    While this obviously won't happen to everyone, prevention is always better than cure.

    The Asherman's website quotes the following risks: "There is a 25% risk of developing Asherman's Syndrome from a D&C that is performed 2 to 4 weeks after delivery(5-8). Dilation and Curettages may also lead to Asherman's Syndrome in 30.9% of procedures for missed miscarriages(17) and 6.4% of procedures for incomplete miscarriages(2). The risk of Asherman's Syndrome increases with the number of D&Cs performed; after a single termination the risk is 16%, however, after 3 or more D&Cs, the risk increases to 32%(9)".

    There is a wealth of info on the site including questions to ask your doctor prior to going ahead with surgery. www.ashermans.org/
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    Aries, I'm so sorry that you are experiencing the agony of miscarriage. Big hugs to you, I know how grief-stricken you must be I have experienced 2 miscarriages, one at 7 weeks (a spontaneous miscarriage) and a second missed miscarriage at 14 weeks which required a D&C. I developed Ashermans disease after the D&C (sometimes referred to as uterine scarring in this country - Doctors don't seem to like the term "Ashermans" here). After bleeding continuously for 2 weeks after the first D&C, I required a second D&C for retained products, and then a hysteroscopy and hormone treatment to remove the scarring from my cervix. I was lucky - I had a doctor monitoring my hormone levels after my second D&C and my levels showed I should have menstruated - when I didn't, she suspected Ashermans and did the hysteroscopy and removed the scarring. It may be that a D&C is the best way to go for you, but if I were doing it over again I would ask about the risk of Ashermans in my situation and ask for my hormone levels (ovulation, progesterone levels) to be monitored after the procedure (blood tests is all that is required) so that if I SHOULD have menstruated then I could move quickly on to diagnosis and treatment. Anyone who has very light or absent periods after a D&C should definitely go and see a Doctor with expertise in treating Ashermans. It is a low risk of the procedure - most people are perfectly fine after a D&C - but Asherman's can cause infertility and recurrent miscarriage (which ofter worsens the situation) as well as complications of pregnancy like placenta accreta, so it is a risk I think all women should be aware of. I am living proof that you can successfully conceive after a miscarriage, D&C and Ashermans - I'm 33 weeks pregnant, as you can see from my ticker - and I hope that you get to experience pregnancy joy again soon.


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