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    Yes. It doesn't matter and in this day and age you should be allowed to marry whoever you want.

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    Yes, no one can help who they fall in love with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elleseetee View Post
    I wouldn't feel differently if my child were gay. I would certainly not love my child less.
    I would honestly struggle with their decision. But to me, I would also struggle with the idea of them living with their (straight or gay) boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancé before marriage, or sleeping around.

    ......It's been said before, but when did you "decide" you were straight? Thinking it is a concious decision might make you or others feel better about denying a civil right to a sector of our community but it just isn't so. Being gay isn't a "choice" anymore than being straight is. Are you saying gay people should just "choose" to be straight if they want to get married??

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    I do support gay marriage.
    But I want to get something across (best way I can to make sense)
    I see it as a social and human rights issue, what I don't like is when people use religion to argue for and against it.
    Yes I realise religion is against gay marriage so people naturally use it in their argument, but I think it's wrong when having a debate for it and bashing religion as part of your argument. If you want religion to stay out of the issue, don't demonise religion, what it does is push people off your side, it makes people who would otherwise support gay marriage feel like they need to defend their religion and go against it.
    If people arguing against gay marriage want to use versus from the bible, let them. But I think it's important for the rest of us to steer it away from that so people don't become offended or feel they have to take sides and realise this is not an argument about religion, it's about peoples rights and how badly they are being discriminated against.

    The bible says what it says, religious institutions won't and can't change what the bible says, they will be against it and I truly believe I will never see the day gay couples being married in an orthodox church or in a mosque or wherever people get married within religious institutions. If you argue against this, it's falling on deaf ears. This will never change.
    But if we stay on track and argue about what the issue is and how it affects our rights as humans then we will succeed and I will see it legalised within my lifetime.
    Don't put people off, don't make them feel like they have to choose or defend their religion and lose sight of the actual issue and why they should be supporting it. When I see people bashing the bible and bashing religion, I cringe and I switch off to what they're saying (and look, I feel the same way about people who use it to argue against it too) which makes me even more determined to just say 'leave religion out of it and stop discriminating against fellow human beings'
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    Lily in some ways I do see where your coming from. The problem for many of us is you can't leave religion out of the equation when that is the reason someone gives for being against it. YKWIM? Yes everyone is entitled to their opinion.But on an open forum others are also entitled to discuss why those opinions don't fit for them. Being religious shouldn't give someone free reign to say whatever they want and not be challenged.

    I actually find you quite accepting generally, but not all religious people are the same....

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    If religion is the basis of which someone is against gay marriage, it is impossible to remove from the equation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Gram View Post
    If religion is the basis of which someone is against gay marriage, it is impossible to remove from the equation.
    Yes but to condemn every person from every religion based on how a few people feel is not going to help. There is a huge push to try to get people understanding not all Muslims are terrorists, and not all terrorists are Muslims. Generalising and tarnishing everyone so broadly only causes pain and anger.

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    Temple Emmanuel in Sydney held the first commitment ceremony for 2 men in 2008 in Australia, so if they can get past the ancient passages in the old testament I'm sure over time so can others!

    ( I think there are gay friendly Christian churches as well?)
    I thinks its actually healthy to question religion ( especially when human rights are concerned) if we keep questioning/arguing/telling our ministers/preists/rabbis etc that we want it changed they will have to listen, as lets be honest I'm pretty sure with every generation church attendance is getting lower and lower !

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    If someone is using religion to say why they're against it, how does (for example) telling them their religion is bad, wrong, they shouldn't believe the bible, and some even tell them how much they hate religion, how it should be banned or erradicated full stop. Do you think that helps the person understand how this is a humans issue? or will they shut down, ignore you, feel more determined to go against it because they have to defend their religion and feel threatened?
    People I know like parents, older people who are generally more religious and less understanding/old school will listen to you and agree if you come with an approach that doesn't bash their religion and way of life, but explain how this affects gay people, their rights, and how they're being discriminated against. If you use arguments that show how wrong this is, minus religion, they'll actually understand you more and agree with you.
    You don't need to agree or take it on board but this is coming from people like myself who support the cause yet do have religion in their life. I will not support the speaker whose speach is aimed at religious hate, think it's wrong and the cause of xyz. I would however support the person who talks about the human rights and discrimination issue because that's what resonates with me.

    My point is, don't make an uneccesary enemey, because not all 'religious' people are against gay marriage, but won't support it if they feel their religion is being threatened. If someone is using a stick, don't use the same stick.

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    I believe they should have the right to get married - in the legal sense. While i believe in god, and being gay is not for me, i have many gay friends who are by no means bad people - in fact many of them are the most giving people i know. Their only 'crime' is falling in love with another person of the same sex. I do not ever expect the church to allow gay people to get married in the church ( why would they if they don't support/believe/goes against thousands if years of beliefs...) but let them have a civil union that at least lets them be 'married' in the eyes if the law. Let them have that right to recognize their partner as someone who is entitled to make decisions for them if they are sick, be their spouse on things like superannuation and life insurances.

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