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    Default PE symptoms 32 weeks?!

    Hi everyone

    I had ANC Wednesday and ob noted I have PE symptoms along with baby 3/5 engaged I am currently 34+2 weeks

    what could be causing the constant headaches given I have no protein in my urine so not PE just yet? But bp is creeping up!? Was 126/97 at last ANC visit, that is after 500mg of methdolpa 2 (250mg tabs)

    I have been taking panadol and berroca no relief at all :/ I am taking this because(constant headaches and feeling Sick cause of the headaches)?!

    should I follow this up with GP or Ob clinic on Monday ? Ob asked if I had blurry vision on Wednesday at the time ,I didn't .....that arvo the headache returned and hasn't left?! I have a history of PE all babies delivered before 38 weeks due to this I have been on meds since 21 weeks and bp rising now on them?!

    But was noted I am having PE symptoms?? :/ confused

    Any advice welcome? I shouldn't feel sick with headaches constantly should I? I wake about 3 times a night to take pain relief and throughout the day is required I am worried that it can't be good for bubs

    Btw this is my fourth baby x

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    Definitely go back to your OB as soon as you can. None of what you are saying sounds normal and especially with your history.
    I would go to the OB or hospital and refuse to leave until I got some answers. I know the heartache of losing a bub and you can never underestimate your won feeling that something is not right.

    I hope all is well with you very son


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