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    Default When did you stop the dream feed?

    Dd2 is 8 months.

    I usually do a dream feed about 10/10.30pm. She has started waking earlier over the past couple of weeks. She is also waking another 2-3 times most nights.

    She has been feeding to sleep and these night wakings are more due to comfort than hunger.

    So I suspect it is time to stop feeding overnight in the hope of encouraging better sleeping.

    At what age/stage did you stop dream feeds and night feeds?


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    We stopped dream feed at abput this age due to similar issue. She was wsking in night & i thought it was time to stop.I tried bringing it forward but tgen just stopped cold turkey & figured she would eiyher sledp through or wake if she was hungry some time during the night. She did wske for a few weeks at abput midnight & then again at 5am. Dd was on formula so i put more water in less formula in the bottle when she woke as it seemed to be comfort feeding, she wanted to suck but i found if she fed over night it affected her feeds next day - that was us though!Didnt take long & she was sleeping through again


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