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I agree with doing what works for you, but for me, reducing contact would not make it easier, breaking off contact so my kids don't know the other side of the family just because of distance seems pretty damn harsh. I have two nieces at home, 3&5 who can both (unfortunately at times!) use face time. They call almost every day, sometimes just to say they are in trouble! I sit and watch the television with my mum ( Gotta love Jeremy Kyle!) and do all the things I always have with them, the important stuff like fighting and sulking! I wish I knew other Scottish people here, as that is my only regret, my one will not grow up hearing my accent as normal, but I just reason, we have made our choices, and are providing our kids with a life we feel is appropriate. There is no point in getting too upset about the lack of physical contact, as ultimately we all made this choice for a reason, it is still upsetting at times, I understand that but technology des make things and people closer.
I'm a Scottish person in Melbourne! where do you live? Although I am definitely losing my accent a bit... Comes back think when I am angry or drunk!!!