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    We have 13 months and the first few months were hell- one awake/the other asleep then they'd swap. But now at 8 months and 21 months their faces light up when they see each other. Hopefully they stay that way.

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    Wow thanks ladies.

    I think the guilt thing is what I'm going through now.
    I was very keen to have #2 and it wasn't until I was about 10 wks that it hit me
    But after reading your posts it does give me hope that all will be good

    I am an only child and don't know what it's like to have siblings, but by the sounds of it, having such a small age gap seems to make the relationship between them much stronger.

    Thanks again ladies

    I would love to hear anymore stories out there too

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    Congrats first of all!!!

    I have a DD and a DS 15months apart.

    DD is 19months now and DS 4months.
    Its amazing watching them interact! I love just sitting there while DD cuddles and kisses DS. And DS holds her hand and reaches out for her hair... its so cute! Im really going to miss this stage!

    I found it really hard in the beginning. I was diagnosed with PND when DS was 5weeks old.
    After the 12week mark everything got so much easier.

    The things I would say I dislike about 2 under 2 is that I was so sleep deprived! And in the beginning DD would sympathy cry when DS would cry, that was very hard because you have to try settle both babies and queitly go insane yourslef lol. Now she just says 'bracty crying mummy' too cute!

    Im just lucky that DD is independant and I could cat nap on the couch while she played infront of me... Some people would say thats bad parenting but I try very hard to spend a lot of time with my DD.

    Its hard feeling so quilty in the beginning but it does pass.
    Its only for such a short time.

    I hope it all goes well for you!


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