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    Default Childcare centre or family daycare give me your opinions

    I start a new and exciting job soon. My 9 month old will be one. My son is in school. I know there are limited places in family daycare but we have a place if we want one luckily. The centres around me are okay from what I have seen also. I'm not sure what way to go. My daughter is exclusively breastfed and its going to be hard for her at first. She is fairly needy and likes to be carried a lot. The only thoughts I have is that family daycare has only one carer and she may not have enough arms for a baby like mine.. Depending what the other kids are like? Also, my daughter has a preference for young people and young faces. I know childcare tends to employ a few young trainees etc who usually quite like carrying babies around and all.. On the other hand.. Childcare can have high turnover? So there could be a lot of face changes? The other thought I have is that I could hire a mummy nanny to bring her kids to my house and pay her some sort of set amount but my concern is that she will be in my house lol.. I'm messy and will be in a rush in the mornings and I don't want her to feel like she needs to clean up after us as she wouldn't be a cleaner if that makes sense.. please advise me, as I am totally unsure what to do.. My daughters personality as I explained is quite full on.. She plays happily but also still needs rocking to sleep.. Won't take a bottle or anything.. Oh that's my other question. Would childcare take a 12 month old who doesn't take a bottle. She can drink water or juice from a sippy cup

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    Hi There,

    First up, congrats on your job :-)

    I am fortunate enough to have the year with my little one (I'm a teacher so it worked really well!).. but I am already starting to think about childcare options for next year and this is my thought process:

    Childcare centre: more kids = more germs.... also the ratio in a child care centre I believe is the same for a family day care 6:1, however in a child care centre there's a lot of paperwork, rules and regulations and a lot more personalities to contend with - therefore you have just as much chance of your child getting lots of "arm time" with family day care as you are with a centre.

    Family Day Care: less kids = less germs. Also less personalities to possibly clash with, less "precious parents" and a more "home like" environment.

    Mummy Nanny: I know they're professionals but a Mother will always have more time for their own child...

    Nanny: I was one for a year (Before I broke my ankle!!) and loved it! It doesn't matter what state the house is in, it means your child is in their own home environment and if she is a bit more sensitive to disruptions and breaks in the routine this would be the perfect environment for her.

    At the end of the day, you need to be really comfortable with whatever choice you make as if you're unsure, then your little girl will pick up on that and be unsure too.

    If it helps, I was Family Day Care'd and am now keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that we get accepted to good one in our local area for next year :-)

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    I prefer Family Day Care.

    Its a lot more personal. I used to work in LDC and as an assistant i felt like all i did was clean, i rarely spent actual time with the kids. In family Day care there arnt as many kids to clean up after so in my mind that translates to more individual time for the children.


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