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    Default Routines

    I had my 4th baby 5 wks ago, previously i have never had my children follow a routine as such and follow their lead. Its now proving difficult since having my 4th and i want some structure and consistency in our day! I have 6 yr old in grade 1, she has her own routines to follow in the morning and afternoon. My 4 yr old goes to Kindy 2 days a week and i just have my 15 mnth old who needs constant stimulation otherwise gets bored and plays up and 5 week old at home.

    I have been looking for some activities to do with him when she is at kindy and also some they can both do for the days she is at home also.

    So give me a run down of your day at home, the routine im looking for doesnt exactly have to be at that same times everyday but just doing the same things everyday so they know what the go is and to also give me sometime!!
    so what does your day look like and what age are your children ??
    If you also have some great activities that you do please include them also tia
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    No one willing to share ???
    Thanks anyway!!

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    I only have a 7.5mo but if it helps I'm willing to share!

    DD has 3 naps (generally) so I work around those. On non-daycare days:

    7/7:30ish, up for breakfast and a bottle, play on her play mat with her toys, chat and play with me.

    9am down for a short nap

    10am up, possible snack, pop out to the shops or go for a walk, playgroup or swimming (on certain days) sing songs and play, lunch and bottle at about 11ish

    Midday/1pm ish, down for a decent nap of about 2 hours.

    2/3pm up, bottle, picnic outside or walk, visit friends, shops, appointments, sit in her highchair and chat to me while I start to prepare dinner. Play on play mat (toys, blow bubbles, tickles, reading stories)

    4/4:30 ish down for a power nap or stays awake

    5pm up, inside play, play with daddy, dinner at the table with mum & dad, bath, bottle

    7/7:30pm bedtime!

    Hope that helps??

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    My routine is something like this:

    4 - 7am - dd (almost 6 months) wakes up for a feed (I prefer 7am, but sometimes the day starts at 4 or 5am)
    7 - 7:30am - ds (5yo at Kinder) wakes up
    7:30 - 8 - breakfast for me & ds (and dd goes down for a quick nap)
    8 - 8:30 - get dressed & out the door (including waking dd)
    8:30 - 9:10 - Kinder run - 15 minutes drive each way and 5 - 10 minutes doing the actual drop of
    9:15 - feed dd, then nap time for 45 minutes
    10:30 (ish) - dd's play time
    11:30 (ish) - feed dd then put her down for a nap
    1:30 - 2:30 - dd wakes up, has feed, then we go & collect ds from Kinder
    3:20pm - home from Kinder. Afternoon tea for me & ds
    4pm - dd down for a nap
    5:30 - dinner for all of us and another feed for dd
    6:30 - bath time for ds & dd
    7pm - bed for ds & dd
    8pm - dd wakes up for another feed & play time for about an hour
    9pm - dd goes to sleep for the night

    dd is still exclusively breastfed and sleeps for 6+ hours most nights, sometimes 10+ hours. The times above are an estimation only and dd's schedule does change from one day to the next somewhat.

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