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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkphantom View Post
    I've heard of women labouring for days. How do you know if it's true labour if contractions don't get any closer/stronger ? Is there an increased chance the baby could get distressed & after what point should you call the hospital ? sorry if these seem like silly questions but really curious to know. Thanks
    If they're fairly regular and resting doesn't stop them, it's probably the real thing. I was always worried I wouldn't know when labour was starting, but believe me - you'll know!!

    I was also losing my plug and needed to go to the toilet a lot to empty my system so I was pretty sure it was happening.

    A friend of mine had contractions 10min apart for her whole labour both times (she has 2 kids), they never got closer. She went to hospital when her water broke.

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    My 2nd was like that, 5hrs with what I felt like was no break, the first hr they came on suddenly and mildly every 5minutes then just got very intense and on top if each other the next 4hrs.

    My first labour was a lot longer though with mild irregular contractions really far apart. This is what you'd call pre labour. I think you can tell the difference just by the intensity, how long they last for and the breaks you get.
    Interestingly my 2nd I had about 2 weeks of pre-labour, nothing serious or that got me thinking I'm in actual labour, but I think it's why the actual labour came on suddenly and intensely. Whereas my first I didn't and it all happened over the 2 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grumpysmurf View Post
    gaps? what gaps? u guys were getting gaps!
    seriously though. i get 3 contracts. then bam. lasting 90 /120 sec breaking for maybe 15sec and 9 cm dilated. the hospy always think im about to pop a baby any second without even getting to birthing suite. sadly though my babies are stuck and i am trapped in that miserable final zone for the whole time. ugh. mine are posterior too so prob why they are stuck.
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    Mmmmm ds was posterior too. Felt wonderful


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