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    Default Less supply in one breast??

    DS is 4.5 months old and bf from birth. I had a pretty rocky start, cracked nipples then 3 lots of mastitis in the first 4 weeks! But no probs since then. My right breast is now significantly smaller than the left. It was the one that had the worst mastitis. I always feed from it first before the other breast. But in the last few weeks DS has been very fussy on the right breast, he pulls on and off, cries and whacks me on the chest. He doesn't do this at all on the left breast.
    I have tried expressing after and in between feeds from it, and struggle to get 10mls. Tho I can only ever get about 30mls from the other.
    Any ideas?? Advice??
    Can supply drop off from one breast?? Will my boobs go back to the same size when I wean DS?? LOL

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    When DD was a newborn my left b00b was always much more productive. I think that it's partially because leftie is bigger and because I had more trauma and pain on rightie and would therefore not want to feed as much on that side. She went through a phase where she didn't like feeding on the right side as well but I just persisted a little (ie, I fed a little from that side and lots more from leftie). 15 months later and they've swapped for some reason, rightie is now the more productive one. I have no idea why.

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    My left breast is super b00b, I can usually express about twice as much milk from it than my righty.
    But don't go on what you can express, remember bubs is much more effective at getting the milk than you will ever get expressing.

    It's fine for one breast to produce more than the other. Some women even exclusively feed from one side.
    I'd suggest offer the right breast first until you build up a bigger supply.

    Another idea would be to take hubs to a chiropractor. Perhaps his back/neck needs realigning if he is fussy on one side.

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    I have one side which is more productive than the other and it was the same with my firstborn as well. The size difference isn't overly noticeable to me, but I can definitely get more milk out of my right side and it seems to fill up quickly compared to the left. It's usually perfectly normal, however if your DS is fussy it could be the result of underlying issues (including neck issues or earache on one side, amongst other things).

    Have a read of this article:

    …When baby prefers one side, or when supply or breast size is greater on one side.


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