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    Default **spin off** for those with children with allergies

    How do you manage things at home. Do you have none of the allergens in the house so your kids can have free range and eat whatever they feel like. Or do you have 'dangerous' food locked away somewhere. Or do you teach your kids you can eat a,b,c but not x,y,z. (prob depends on age too)

    How do you manage things out of the home or when your not around? What do you teach your kids? Do you tell them they can only eat what you have provided and can't eat anything someone else offers etc?

    Man it must be scary. And probably trying. I kinda felt sorry for the boy at my sisters party, his dad kept saying you can eat this, this, not that, this is ok. He had to have a different cake because I just didn't know if they cake I brought had nuts - it probably didn't but what if it did. The bday cake was chocolate cake and I brought a nut free chocolate cupcake so it kinda looked the same, but it was different. I mean I know its not a choice its literally life and death, but it must be hard for young kids to understand they can't have what other ppl can have.

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    I'm lucky DS is only allergic to pine nuts so they're not overly common like peanuts - just don't keep them in the house. DP and I will have pesto or something with pine nuts very occasionally but we cook it after DS is in bed and wash up thoroughly.

    We always keep Claratyne and epi pen at home and everywhere.

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    I don't grow tomatoes, or have them in the house.

    Also dd has coeliac disease and is very sensitive so my house is entirely gluten free.


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