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    I created a video to make family realise. Check out deans story on YouTube or his Facebook page - anaphylaxis allergy awareness Australia - xxoo

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    A lot of people just thought I was being mean and didn't believe me about DD2's allergy. She's allergic to an unknown colour or flavour or preservative found in lollies. People thought I was mad and thought I had come up with a weird excuse for her not to have lollies. (Natural confectionary company are a safe one though) First exposure was after 1 starburst jelly baby and resulted in more than 20 hives and her screaming that her throat felt weird. It has happened with Allens as well another one so she has to avoid all lollies except Natural Confactionary Company.

    It took a while for the school to take me seriously but they finally did after I made some comment to her teacher a couple of years ago about making sure they call an ambulance for her when her throat swells up at school then after she had been given a lolly bag yet again even after I had told them and the teacher. In the past they said she had to say no to the lollies or not eat them and take control of her allergy herself. (no epipen as claratyne works so far) They finally listened and we have an action plan with her photo at the school and the claratyne in the office. DD2 is better about it now but if all her friends/classmates are eating them and she has them there in her hands she could decide to try her luck. But certainly couldn't be trusted not to eat a bag of lollies given to her by her teacher at 5yrs & 6yrs old.

    She's also CMPI and will get a very sore tummy and vomit (plus rashes) if she has dairy. People can accept that more than her lolly allergy.

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    As a Childcare worker I am very aware and careful regarding allergies but I know others who aren't.

    I was doing mum duty at kinder and making the snack plates, there was a child with nut anaphylaxis and a less severe egg allergy (photo and action plan on the kitchen wall) so for his tables snack plate I didn't put any rice crackers as the packet said 'may contain traces of nuts' and made sure I didn't touch his food with the same hand as i used for the biscuits, took all the precautions I could..

    When I took it out to their table the older teacher took it off me and said that it was ok for him to have the biscuits as there was only a chance of traces of nuts and so he'd be ok.
    I felt awful and hovered over him until I left just in case, but since then I've always been extra cautious because you can't guarantee the teacher will do the right thing..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttoneska View Post

    I think ppl don't get the difference between allergies and intollerances and the scale for each. A bit of flour can make someone violently ill in the tummy which is nasty, but nuts can kill someone.

    Its bloody scary

    TRUST me when i say gut intolerance to things can also be deadly, causeing massive blood loss and perfortion of the intestines, it is my pet hate when people play down things they do not get, My DD has had around 50 ops on her bowel and is 100 percent tube fed, we are getting her to lick things now but have to be very very careful, when we go to a restraunt i order her a salad to play with and lick and let them know that she has alergies and the salad must only be letuce, cucumber, and celery with NO dressing, then i get asked is it allergy of intolerance, when i answer with server intolerance i get the rolled eyes, People do not get how delicate some guts are, At one place i lifted up DDs shirt to the stupid waitress could see what we was dealing with, only then did she get it that i wanted NOTHING but then foods i asked for to be on her plate, most of the time she doesnt even eat it mainly plays with it but when i put a food in front of her i need to know its safe incase she licks it.

    around 50 operations on her bowels and reaction can KILL her, if itsends her guts mad dumping fluid and electrolites it is a disaster that ends her up in resus it happens eith any tummy bug as wel, I will Not risk it


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