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    Default Healthy snacks for a 19 mo?

    My 19 mo is like a hoover, she would eat all day, she is off the charts for both height and weight, CHN assures me she perfectly proportioned, she is a busy little girl but im afraid with the amount she eats she may become overweight. She doesnt get any crap, snacks at the moment are fruit, milk arrowroot biscuit, cheese, fruit bread that kind of thing. On special occassions she will be allowed like a mini cupcake or something like that. She has never had a bar of chocolate or chips etc.. She only drinks water.

    So im after some easy to make and store/freeze healthy snacks ideas or healthy shop bought ones if anyone can recommend?

    Also does anyone else have a 19 mo who eats or seeks food all the time?

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    hi crunchy you are very lucky to have such a good eatter on your hands!

    firstly its highly unlikely that a baby with a healthy diet who only drinks water and doesnt eat junk will become over weight.

    My DD is 22 months old and she was off the charts in weight, height and head circumfrences up until recently.

    When she was one she ate almost double what i would eat in a day! (4 weetbix, 3 x 240ml bottles of milk, crackers, saltarns, yougurt, 2 ham salad sandwiches, water water water, cheese, carrot sticks, beef and vegitable ravioli and then some more crackers, smoothies, 2 x bananas etc all in the one day!)

    Now shes kind of slowed down and is looking much more like a little toddler then a little budda.

    healthy shop brought snacks:
    not many natural yogurt, dried fruit, vegitable mummums crackers,

    healthy make and freeze snacks:
    bran muffins (or any type of fruit or veggie muffins made with wholemeal flour.) theyre great! you can hide SO many fresh fruit and veggies in those things.

    Smoothies (which i think your DD will love) any fresh fruit, natural yougurt and milk in a blender, these used to fill my DD up for AGES

    Recently DD and i went to the fruit and veg markets and she helped me pick out a trolley full of fruit and veg. Now when shes hungry we go to the fridge together and she gets to 'pick' what she would like to eat/try (all the cheese, yogurt and bread is hidden up high ) then she gets a plastic picnic knife and "helps" me chop up whatever she has chossen. this method has her actually eatting half a plate of somethings she NEVER touches when i serve them to her cooked. and this way, all snacks are fresh raw fruit and veg.


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