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    Default new to all this & getting my head around it ALL!!

    Hey all,
    I wanted to share my story so if others have experienced the same, advise may be gained or if others are going through similar, advise & support may be shared. I hope I’ve posted this into the right section also.

    I was PCOS diagnosed approx 4 years ago. I’d always had non-existent periods but never did any testing until after I’d moved cities & realized it had been 12 months since I had a period. DH have only been married just short of 12 months and always knew this next step of our lives was going to require ‘assistance’.

    Our first FS appointment was in early Jan 2012, we started our assessment cycle in mid-Feb 2012. The FS thought we’d need Provera (progesterone) to bring on a period before doing the assessment cycle but when I did my first blood test, hormones indicated I was on CD5 (no period though). We blood tested & US up to CD21 with no ovulation.

    The FS also did say I was a little short for my weight. So we’ve also been working on this. In Jan my BMI was 36. We started seeing a dietician and am now a BMI of 34.3 and still slowly going downwards (with no problem at all now that the food I’m eating seems to be suiting me & my health). Still have a far way to go but figure we can be working on this while we gather info & money.

    We got our results from assessment cycle last Thursday. Results (excuse me for not being certain of the terms as I’m awaiting our written report which I hope will make more sense): DH = perfect. Me = HSG good; ultrasound images indicate PCO; Hormone indicating egg quantity lower than it should be for my age (which FS said is weird for PCOS as I’m not actually ovulating) – this also tells us we need to give this a shot now & not wait; I also have auto-immune indicators in my blood which we need to be aware of once treatment starts (FS said this is what women who have multiple M/C have in their blood). Because of this blood thing FS is using Tamoxifen rather than Clomid. We’ve decided to do our first cycle in late April 2012.

    Has any one else used Tamoxifen?
    Is it normal for me to be having difficulties getting my head around actually TTC (don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have kids just after 15-odd years of thinking I can’t to have this glimmer of hope put into my thoughts is scary).

    I’m also finding it hard to talk to anyone about this (especially the in-depth stuff). I don’t have any close friends in the town I live (I’m also the sort of person who doesn’t have many close friends in the city I’ve moved from either) and don’t know anyone whose gone through what I’m about to start. My family also seems to just ‘not get it’. I’ve only spoken to my Mum briefly about it over the phone and all she seems to say is “who’s going to give up work to look after babies”. I feel like screaming at her and saying that’s something we’ll cross when we get there but we feel as though we may have a very long way to go before that becomes an issue.

    Thank you in advance for reading this. I do intend to keep it updated with my progress (good or bad), it’ll help me get my head around this all.

    I do want to end my intro with: I am very, very lucky to have an amazing & very supportive DH!!

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    Hi Tropical,

    Unfortunately I don't have any advice to give re Tamoxifen but I just wanted to say good luck & I hope its going well for you!!! I also have PCOS amongst other problems & understand how frustrating it is.

    Hope its all going well!

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    Hi tropicalbub. I cant give you any advice either about your particular meds, but just wanted to say hi and that there are plenty of us pcos girls on here who can relate and can offer heaps of advice, or just someone to talk to. Wishing you the best of luck for your ttc journey and hope it is relatively short!!


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