Hi ladies,

DH & I have been TTC #1 for a really long time now...since 2010. Anyway, when I came off the pill it didn't take long for my skin to get really, really bad. I mean to the point where there were lots of red & big pimples all over the side of my face & neck...it was bad.

Anyway, its taken me all of this time to find something that had actually worked for me & I had never heard of it until a lovely lady at work told me it was what her daughter used. And I had tried all the well known name brands that were REALLY expensive!!

I hope I'm allowed to put this on here but I struggled with bad skin & only have just gotten my skin back to normal again & wanted to share it with everyone as it has worked for me.

It can be bought from any chemist and is called Benzac. You can get 2%, 5% or 10% strength. I got the 10% strength cause my skin was super bad. The 10% one is behind the counter & you have to specifically ask for it. It cost about $15-

Anyway, its taken a couple of weeks. For the first 3-4 days my skin got alot worse as it all came to the surface but then cleared up