Hi there,
I have not been on here for many years. To introduce myself, I am 38 years old (39 in June) and tried for 8 years to have a baby. That included one year of trying naturally (haha shouldn't have bothered), 3 IUI's, 24 cycles of IVF (over 7 years - 16 fresh and 8 frozen. It was a long hard road, especially towards the end but I never lost hope that my husband and I would have a family of our own. There were many miscarraiges along the way and many invasive procedures (for me) but on March 12, last year we had our beautiful little girl and she is the sunshine of our lives. Every tear, every struggle, every moment of feeling down has been replaced by the joy that she brings into our world.

I wanted to say to any other long termers our there to NOT give up hope, it will be worth it in the end.

Also, I wanted to see if there were any other IVF'ers from Toowoomba who have a one year old or around that age who know what a gift it is to have a child. I would love to hear from you. We did treatment in Toowoomba with Dr Esler firstly but then went to Dr David Molloy in Brisbane for a second opinion and he got us Grace .

Sending big fertile vibes to everyone in this forum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.