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    Default Need some opinions/advice please

    I am a 24 year old mum to three and I am desperate to become a midwife. My original goal was to do the foundation course thise year and apply for midwifery 2013. I was hoping I would be 30 when I am qualified with all three kiddies in school.

    The plan seems perfect, however my husband is on a low wage. So we will be scrimping and scraping to make ends meet while I study.

    With this is mind I am now second guessing whether its the right time for me to apply for uni. Should I apply and make do for a few years, or should I get a regular part time job to give us more money to spend and enjoy as a family.

    I feel really selfish making our family have to scrimp and scrape financially, though I also want to show my kids that you can achieve what you want in life no matter what the circumstances.

    Its a really hard decision for me and would love some opinions as to whaty ou think i should do.

    I could also get a job working nights if I had to, to earn more money. However it would mean even less time with the kids which i really dont want to do. Very confused!!!

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    I would not do anything while the kids are young, you will never get those years back with them, do you want them to remember Mummy having lots of time to play with them or Mummy glued to a computer studying?!

    Study once they are at school, you will still be low 30s when fully qualified.

    Can your DH find a better paying job?


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