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    Default night time TT

    Here is a question to all those mamas and papas that have done this before.

    Our 19mth old is pretty much TT during the day for the past week. She is in knickers and will tell you when she wants to go. Only if you take too long there is an accident.

    Now we are at nights and have 2 probs

    1 - the last week or so she is getting up at 3ish am and hysterical cos she wants to wee and by the time we get to her its in her nappy. Then it takes an hour or so to calm her down to sleep. At this stage we are taking her to the toilet but as she is in a sleeping bag (which we need to wean her off) and in another room it takes a bit of time (which she doesnt appreaciate). Or she wees in the toilet - gets all excited and takes an hour to calm her down to sleep

    2 - getting her to sleep at night. Its become a game now to ask for the toilet as you put her to sleep. we dont want to ignore it cos we want her to tell us that she needs to go but 3 times in 30mins??? Nothing is coming out the 2nd or 3rd time.

    so - is this a phase that she will grow out of when its not a novelty? Is there anything we can do to limit the awake time at 3am? Is there anything to do to limit the toilet trips before bed. we do put her on the potty before and after her bath.


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    Sorry IM - I have no advice but am interested in seeing what others say. I think its a real positive sign that she calls out to you in the middle of the night when she needs to go. Is she in a cot?

    My DD is new to TT and she's still wearing nappies to bed. However, she is 26 months and still in a cot so im not sure how she can physically go unless she calls out which at this stage is not happening.

    My problem is now she gets hysterical before bedtime when we put the nappy on.

    Hope you get some answers


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