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    How often would you actually use the holiday house? vs you can go to the beach any time if you live only a block away?

    also, will future earnings allow you to do the holiday investment in a few years time? (maybe you can have both options over a slightly longer timeframe).

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    Quote Originally Posted by halloweendee View Post
    definitely option 2...
    we live semi-rural in perth hills and have a holiday house at point peron. it is fantastic.....not only do we have 'free' holidays but having a beach house where you can trek sand in the front door and not have a panic attack about the expensive carpet makes it relaxing.

    it's a 'fun' place....and my kids love the memories of it too.

    plus, why would you want a big house???? then you have to clean it, pay massive insurance.....

    i'd rather fill my kids lives with fun memories of holidays.
    These are really good points thanks :-) I grew up with my parents having a caravan on the NSW coast and I have such awesome memories of that so a beach house sounds like it would create the same memories.

    Abi&Beth - I hadn't really given that much thought about the salt and repairs but yes there is that to consider also.

    Thanks guys you have given DH and I some good points to take into consideration.


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