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    Default Straight back to sleep?

    I have a 3 week old daughter (nearly) and just wondering if I should be letting her "lay" around after each feed or stick to nappy change, feed, rock to sleep ...

    I do give her the occasional tummy time but find she only likes to be "stimulated" no longer then 10 minutes then she starts crying. I have also noticed the longer I wait around to put her to sleep after her feed the harder it is to settle her.

    Suggestions? Advice?

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    Follow your baby. If she seems tired, help her get to sleep. At 3 weeks my squish was definitely having more than 10 minutes wake time after feeds though. Are you concerned that she is lethargic? What is her output like? My baby never does tummy time unless she rolls over herself, she is a worn baby and the 'need' for tummy time is negated by this. I find most babies hate tummy time, it's frustrating and unnatural, they want to spend time in your arms.

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    Hi OP,

    Follow your bubs cues and when tired signs start they need to sleep as soon as they get tired or they find it hard to fall asleep. They will gradually increase awake times between sleeps over the next few months and you will be able to follow Feed/Play/Sleep pattern. (DS now 6months will be awake for 2-3 hours)

    It's great to do tummy time, but as the pp said they don't like it much at that age as it's hard work, so 10 mins a day is fine. You can slowly increase that over time. Try lots of different ways to distract them, (toys, mirror, pictures to look at) and you can get down on the floor with them for reassurance and cuddles. Tummy time laying on top of dad's chest was a favourite for my DS, as was being held upright.

    Other non tummy play things my DS loved at that age were singing, looking at my face, and being massaged.


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