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    Default Help ! 6 week old son has sore croaky throat, could this be silent reflux?

    Hi everyone, my DS is 6 weeks old and has been doing well however lately he has been hardly sleeping in the day time though nights are pretty good . The last 2-3 days his little throat has been croaky and his cries seem a bit weaker than usual . Some nights though I think he has just exhausted himself from the crying . We were thinking it was colic for a bit , and part of it probably is but now we are thinking he might have a bit of silent reflux . Can anyone help or give some advice on this .


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    My DS has silent reflux. You can check out info on the http://http://www.karitane.com.au/fa...L%20REFLUX.pdf

    Typically the baby would gag or swallow a lot, arch back and cry during feeding, be in pain when laying flat, not sleep much during the day... But this is generalised.

    I hope things improve for you! I'm sure you will find the key to her discomfort soon when her little digestive system matures. We are much better now after a lot of support to work out what was going on. Good luck!


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