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Getting back to my earlier post about goats milk being a better alternative than cows milk... (sorry, I've been busy the last couple of days and haven't been able to get back to elaborate)

The majority of anglo-saxons are actually intolerant to cows milk but they don't realise it. The intolerance shows up as colds, ear aches, tonsilitis, bronchitis -- all those ear, nose, throat ailments. The proteins and fat globules in goats milk are different to cows milk which makes it more easily tolerated. As a child and young adult I suffered from all of the above. Since I have swapped to goats milk, my health has changed dramatically and my children, who have been weaned onto goats milk, are among the healthiest I know.
Just chucking that out there for you to think about.
I agree- DS also has goat yogurt ( I'm not a fan but he loves it!) and goats cheese is loved by all in our family!