I am so happy and proud of my son. Long story short while in the US we moved and lost insurance so my son could not get his medication. He was doing ok so when we got insurance back I didnt put him back on. All was well then we moved over here and he loves it but sent him all out of whack so we had a lot of problems. We got him on the medication again a few days ago and he is doing so well. He goes to bed on time, doesnt fight with the girls all day, I can ask him to do a chore and he says "sure mom" he is sweet, and gentle. I am so proud of him and life is settling much better. I am yet to take him back out in public since but hoping he copes better there, the minute we walk into a shop or plaza he pulls his arms and hands into his shirt and walks on his toes hoping that the meds will help this as time goes on. He can actually watch a tv show without pacing and flapping his arms. Its so awesome.

I know I am strange but thought I would share.